Katie Brown

I am always enthusiastic when I am working on a new show, as it pushes me to develop my ideas and technical skills.  This body of work has two new designs that I am very excited about as I know it will lead me into more concepts.  My inspiration comes from the natural environment I've encourntered on my journeys within New Zealand and overseas. This is my 14th year as a glass artist and I still get a deep sense of satisfaction from working with this amazing medium.



This body of work is base on a techique called Incalmo which began in the Sixteenth century when Italian glass makers wanted to achieve the look of two or three different coloured sections of glass, to make it appear as if it was one piece of glass. Venice was the center for this method of glass making and it soon spread across the world, where highly skilled glass makers make this beautiful glassware.


Each glass cup is   blown separately and must be the same width at the base or top where it is to be fused together. This second cup must be placed directly at the edge of the first cup and fit perfectly so there is no overlap of the edges. Because of this the finished piece will have two bands of colour in the final form.  In this body  of work I have hot joined  colour cups with cane cups . This process seems to be endless with what you can do. I enjoy this technique of ancient glass making and changing it in my own style.