Adrian Worsley

Adrian designs and constructs unique one-off sculptures from recycling scrap metal, tools and farm implements sourced locally around New Zealand.

Originally a fitter welder who moved into stainless steel and then taught himself woodworking, Adrian discovered a passion for creating with recycled materials. Starting with furniture and cabinetry in houses, restaurants, cafes and vineyards Adrian now spends nearly all of his time sculpting works of art.

Adrian is based in Te Aroha in a workshop that is as unique as his creations and operates a business called Historic Creations. This workshop is where he can lock himself away to sculpt without interruption, surrounded by a myriad of scrap, arranged in such a way that Adrian knows exactly where to lay his hands the perfect piece.

Working with Adrian is not for the faint hearted as pieces are often larger than life and usually have some ‘shock’ value. Adrian is meticulous and the result is pieces that are bold yet beautiful and have maximum impact. This however is not overshadowed by the amazing attention to detail and you will find yourself getting caught up in examining a piece, where you will notice something different every time you look.

Adrian’s pricing reflects the quality of workmanship and hours of painstaking creation involved in making you a piece of art that will be a talking point for life and will stand out from the crowd.