Jane Galloway PalmPrints


Jane graduated from Elam art school with an Honours Diploma in Fine Art, majoring in painting. She has held solo exhibitions for the last fourteen years and also designs greeting cards for Live Wires NZ Ltd. who wholesale locally made and imported cards. Her designs are probably already familiar as many began as successful card ranges before being produced as archival prints.

 Living in Raglan, her images are inspired by the beautiful, natural surroundings. This has led to a stream of work which includes photography for cards and calendars, digital designs focusing on New Zealand flora and fauna and paintings – both watercolour and acrylic. Her prints are produced in small limited editions and are available through galleries and design stores.

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Ultrachrome Lightfast prints by Jane Galloway

The graphic digital prints are produced using a mixture of techniques: drawing on paper, painting, and digital colouring. The more geometric designs are produced on the computer using Adobe Illustrator which gives a smoother, more even finish to shape and line.


First I draw outlines on paper and photograph these. They are then loaded onto the computer and the backgrounds are stripped leaving a series of “floating” line drawings. These are hand coloured using a Wacom Tablet* then made up into compositions. Altogether a completed image can be made up of many layers which are then adjusted for colour compatibility and balance. A completed design can take many hours or days to produce.

Printing is done on an Epson printer using lightfast Ultrachrome inks on archival 280gsm paper so the colours will remain vibrant for a lifetime.

This printing method is used by many well known artists including David Hockney, Richard Killeen and Paul Hartigan.

 Hand-signed and numbered editions are out of 25 to 50 prints per image.

*A Wacom tablet is a touch-sensitive tablet which uses a “pen” to draw on its surface. The marks made appear on the computer screen where colour and line quality can be selected.