Daniel Kirsch

It all started as a quite deliberate substitute for the camera:
The sketchbook. Where ever Daniel goes, he never leaves
home without it, taking his immeadiate ‘snapshots’. Over the
last 17 years Daniel has filled a vast number of books which
cover a great diversity of subjects.
His medium are plain pencil, coloured pencils, fine pen,
sometimes mixed media and collage and lately chinese brush
and ink; usually one predominant medium per period. The
format of the books varies from postcard to roughly A3 size.
Over the years quite a library of unique books has evolved.
Once a book was completed however, it would be closed only
to disappear in the artist’s collection, without a chance to be
shared much again.
Recently, Daniel felt this had to change. With the series of
large screen prints of images taken from his books the artist
has found a way to make his work more accessable. He wishes
to enrich other people’s lives and inspire them with the beauty
and underlying themes of the work, often not without a
spiritual element.
As Daniel also works as a graphic designer it isn’t surprising to
see some cross over happening between the two areas in his
work. Technical knowledge from the design field is harnessed
in the development of his screen printed work, and generally
it can be said that the artistic cross-pollination between the
two fields is mutually enriching and inspiring. The Manuka-
Beehive Series is a good example for this.
The need to inspire others and to share the deeper meaning of
his more personal art appears to be only a natural progression
from the more applied nature of his design work.
Since having come to this country in 2000, Daniel lives and
works in Coromandel town.With his work the artist expresses
his love and respect for the beauty and dignity of the unique
Coromandel environment.