Jane Siddall

Jane Siddall was born in England in 1970 and moved to New Zealand in 2000.

She is currently based in Hamilton.

After receiving a BA (Hons) in Drawing and Tapestry at the Edinburgh College of Art, Siddall went on to complete a postgraduate degree in Media Arts at Waikato Institute of Technology. She has worked as a textile artist for over twenty years and has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand and the UK; she was a finalist in the Norsewear Art Awards in 2007, Wallace Art Awards in 2008, first prize and overall prizewinner of The Association of New Zealand Embroiderers Guild in 2010.


Siddall's works, combining sketches, collage and embroidery, often draw their subjects from myths and fairy tales. Forbidden love, beauty, beasts, transformation and impossible tasks play out on the rich, textured stages of finely worked fabrics.


Siddall is also engaged in feminist revisions of these magical tales. If needlework and fairy tales are both crafts that are traditionally associated with women, Siddall employs the one to examine, subvert and re-imagine the roles of women in the other, creating female figures who are strange, proud and powerful, beautiful but unyielding.