Shikoba: clothe yourself in inspiration

One of the freshest fashion ranges from one of New Zealand's newest and most exciting designers, Shikoba is an organic home-grown label inspired by the raw and unique beauty of New Zealand's natural environment. Focusing on classic and simple designs that flatter the female form teamed with rich textures and attractive prints the Shikoba range is unique, fresh and sophisticated yet retains a youthful edge.

Aroha means love and is an apt name for the creator of Shikoba clothing. Aroha Wikotu interweaves love into each Shikoba garment - love of her art, love of her homeland inspiration and love of clothing her patrons in confidence and style.

Cultural heritage is a huge source of inspiration for Aroha who has Whakatohea, Tuhoe and Ngati porou affiliations and has a strong sense of whakapapa and whanau. The strong sense of self that her own heritage gives, drives her desire to create clothes that provide the same confidence, self-assuredness and sense of being unique to women of all ages.

In line with Shikoba's inspiration the label has core values supporting sustainable fashion. Aroha says;

I'm proud that Shikoba is entirely New Zealand made. I want to protect nature as it's my source of inspiration. We have a uniquely beautiful country in so many ways - that's what sets us apart from the rest of the world and in the same way I design the Shikoba collections to express that distinctiveness and rarity which can't be imitated. Shikoba speaks to a pride in who and where we are, a sense of being one of kind - that's what I want those who wear the clothing to get a sense of.?

Available in exclusive Design and fashion boutiques throughout NZ.