Helen Frost

Always a lover of beautiful shapes, colours and textures, it wasn't until 2007 when Helen won the Lewis Exhibition Emerging Artist Painting Award in Cambridge that she felt there may be a spot for her in the NZ art scene. Helen has created and sold numerous paintings of many different subjects and genres since then using mainly acrylics, but has recently also developed a love for creating objects with clay.
The 'Washed Up' series is her first serious body of ceramic work, which has emerged from deeply ingrained memories of the numerous beachcombing experiences through-out her life. Helen sees and recreates the beauty in the objects that have been sea and windswept, that can be found on our many stunningly beautiful, and often wild NZ beaches. The kete became part of the series, as this traditional Maori basket has so often been used for the gathering and in the preparation of food from the sea, and the flax the ketes are made from is very often found in coastal and wetland places in our country.